1. Gone (Feat. Consequence & Cam'ron) - Kanye West Late Registration


    Kanye West


    Late Registration, 2005

  2. [Ehh, I was.. you crazy. dude, I wasn’t.. ehh.. I didn’t, um.. I was just, um.. I wasn’t even..]

    Kanye, would you like to step forward and explain these new shoes?!?!

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  3. Broke Phi Broke


    I walked into the Brother Kanye’s closet and I found new shoes! I found new shoes! Kanye would you like to step forward and explain these new shoes! You march your new shoes out of here, Kanye. Don’t you ever come back smelling all good, taking showers, and shit like that, aight? 

  4. kingnycjohnson:

    This was founded ,years ago
    by broke slaves , years ago
    who did not have , years ago
    by broke brothas in the 20s, years-ago

  5. It’s funny how these wack niggas need my help

    wasn’t around when I couldn’t feed myself

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  6. Bring Me Down (Feat. Brandy) - Kanye West Late Registration

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  7. Crack Music ft. Game - Kanye West Late Registration


    Kanye West ft. The Game Crack Music

  8. "How we stop the Black Panthers?
    Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer
    You hear that? What Gil Scott was “Heron”
    When our heroes or heroines got hooked on heroin
    Crack, raised the murder rate in D.C. and Maryland
    We, invested in that, it’s like we got Merrill Lynched
    And we been hangin from the same tree, ever since
    Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine
    So we, cook it, cut it, measure it, bag it
    Sell it, the fiends, cop it, nowadays they can’t tell if
    That’s that good shit, we ain’t sure man
    Put the CD on your tongue, yeah that’s pure man"

    Kanye West (via thechanelmuse)

    (via thechanelmuse)

  9. yeezusquote:

    My best friend say she use to fuck with Usher I don’t care what none of y’all say, I still love her - Kanye West

  10. Gold Digger - Kanye West Gold Digger (Single)


    Gold Digger Kanye West (ft. Jamie Foxx)